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We have just improved and installed a J-Sails VAWT here in Sullivan, Illinois. The photo below shows what it looks like. As soon as we have installed a larger pulley on the vertical drive shaft, we will be making electricity. I have just contacted our local electric cooperative and made arrangements to sell electricty to the local grid. Below you can see a photo of our J-Sails VAWT installed with our dome home in the background. The VAWT is located adjacent two large farm fields and our 1.5 acre prarrie.
This is a photo of an operational VAWT with a 10' diameter x 10' high URA.
This Upper Rotational Assembly is unique in that it creates a lot of torque.
The fact that it creates a lot of torque means that potentially,
this "J-Sails VAWT", which I want to call Farley's Wind Power Machine,
can produce a lot of power with the correct pulley sizes, generator, and inverter.
This J Sails wind power turbine is a quiet and vibration free.
This power producing device is primarily the work of Greg Farley who lives near
Wilimgton, North Carolina. Greg has taken a very pragmatic approach to the design
of this particular type of VAWT. Over the last four years Greg has built
many different full size VAWT's. Some worked better than others.
Each VAWT Greg built contained improvements over previous VAWT's
With cost, durability, and the ability to create significant power
at low wind speeds as the main design criteria, Greg has managed to build a VAWT that is truly remarkable. Wil Fidroeff designed the concrete pier and treated wood base. The base is designed to secure the VAWT and also be easy to install. Wil did suggest having the top of the URA secured with a tie down assembly (TDA).
Greg designed and built the unique TDA that is meant to secure the URA.
Above is the crew that worked to install our demonstration VAWT.
From left to right: Johan, Quintin, William, Greg, Wil, and Oscar.
One of the unique features of this vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) is
that is able to produce a significant amount of power at low wind speeds.
Our local Coles-Moultrie Electric Cooperative will soon be metering our output.
Then we will be able to publish our power output on this website.

In many parts of the USA due to strong storms and the jet stream,
the wind blows nearly every day and night,
except during the summertime when the jet stream moves northward.
Shown in the youtube video below is our first J-Sails Turbine prototype.
Due to the large surface area of the sails, a substantial amount of torque
is produced even at very low wind speeds. Our newer models are raised
and include a waterproofed enclosure for optional storage batteries and electronics.

Cost of the complete VAWT unit, with a 10' diameter x 10' high J-sails assembly,
with a 1.8kw Ginlong generator matched with a 2kw Ginlong grid-tied inverter,
is $16,000 plus shipping (~$2,000) and installation (~$4,000).
Shipping and installation costs will vary depending on your location.
Average shipping cost within the USA is $2,000.
Average installation cost (materials and labor) is $4,000.
The base is always designed to secure the VAWT in high winds.
Each particular base design will depend on local conditions and engineering requirements.
A 16'x16' treated wood and concrete base, as shown below,
may be used to also secure guy wires connected to the top of the VAWT.
Wil Fidroeff designed this VAWT base to be sturdy and economical as are EconOdome kits.
This base is also designed so that it may be DIY constructed. If you purchase a VAWT, free plans and consultation are available for construction of the base. You may wish to construct the base while your VAWT is in the process of being manufactured. This would save you about $3,000.

This VAWT base is made with treated lumber and stainless steel screws.
This substantial base measures 16 feet by 16 feet.
The objective of this base is to secure the VAWT even in very high winds.

This VAWT base will be anchored with steel reinforced concrete piers.

A 50% deposit is required to be put on our manufacturing waiting list.($8,000)
You will then be notified within 90 days that your order is completed.
Payment in full plus shipping & installation costs are required prior to delivery and installation.
We invite you to visit Sullivan, Illinois to see Farley's VAWT. If you wish to order a "J-Sails" Wind Power Turbine:

To see detailed info on Ginlong generators and inverters please go to---

Send 50% deposit payment ($8,000) to: Faze Change Produx
1331 CR 1470E
Sullivan IL 61951.

Manufactures EconOdome Kits and Distributes J-Sail Wind Power Turbines.
Faze Change Produx been manufacturing EconOdome Kits for more than 30 years.
After much research into wind power turbines, we are now also marketing J-Sail Wind Power Turbines.
Sturdy domes built with EconOdome Kits may be used to secure VAWT's.
A dome surrounding the base of a VAWT creates multifunction enclosed working and/or living space.
Precision-cut EconOdome Kits have ten equal sides to make building a dome easier.
The exterior EconOdome surface may be insulated and sealed
using a proven and UL approved commercial waterproofing system.
Complete Detailed Installation Instructions are supplied with all EconOdome Kits and J-Sail Wind Turbines.
For more info on wood frame EconOdome kits up to 58 feet in diameter--
go to---www.econodome.com

This is a photo of a 10' dia. x 10' J-sails unit mounted on a dome.
The J Sail VAWT with a dome enclosure is a self contained wind power generator
that can be located anywhere the wind blows.

This is the 16' dia. x 14' high J-Sails VAWT unit.
It produces about twice the power at a given wind speed as the standard size 10'x10' J Sails unit.
Ideal locations for mounting include: a dome roof or an open field.
The standard height turbine unit has 10 ft. high by 10 ft. diameter sails assembly
The lowest part of the spinning sails in located at height of ten feet above the ground.
The sturdy stand pictured below raises the entire unit an additional 12 feet above the ground.
Cost the stand shown below is $4,000 plus shipping.

Please call 217-728-2184 for installation and delivery details on J Sail Turbines.
Cost for the optional dome kit varies depending on size and design.

The photo above shows a complete frame kit with polycarbonate triangle panels and prefab lower perimeter walls.
The exterior surface may be sealed using a UL approved commercial waterproofing system.
The 13 foot diameter dome shown in the photo below is clad with polycarbonate for demonstration purposes only.
If you desire more interior space, the dome enclosure may be larger.
Available sizes are 13, 24, 30, 38.5, 48, and 58 feet in diameter. See www.kitdomes.com for dome kit pricing and details.
For clients living outside the USA payment must be made in full and in advance.
For clients located inside the USA a 50% deposit is required prior to manufacturing your unit.
The design can be altered to fit your particular installation requirements.

Photo above shows the crew that worked on putting this demonstration model together.

The standard J Sail Wind Power generation unit includes:
A 1.8 kw Ginlong generator and a matching 2kw Ginlong grid-tied inverter.
Optionally, batteries and a stand alone inverter may be used in addition to
provide back-up power when necessary.
The upper rotational sails assembly, the generator & inverter housing,
and the high wind gust safety device (upper tie down assembly). The 16'x 16' pier and treated lumber base may be DIY installed with free instructions and consultation provided by Faze Change Produx.

Options include:
An EconOdome kit designed and sized to fit your application may be used as a base to mount the Farley Wind Power Machine.
Having a dome shaped enclosure under the VAWT would create additional
living and/or working space directly beneath the wind power turbine.
If you are interested in this option,
See www.kitdomes.com for details and pricing.
The roof of a sturdy EconOdome building is an ideal location for the mounting a vertical axis wind turbine:
1. Dome shaped buildings, built with EconOdome kits, are round and aerodynamic in shape (for better wind).
2. The EconOdome building is elevated by increasing the height of the supporting perimeter walls.
------This both increases the useable space within the dome building and elevates the wind turbine (for better wind).
3. The EconOdome is clad with composite cement panels that are waterproofed with elastomeric
(in a special way) to create a durable and smooth surface (for better wind).
4. Wind coming from any direction and passing over the dome is laminar and speed is increased
------due to the roof effect (for better wind).
5. Mounting a wind turbine above a dome building also creates useable living or commercial space (dual purpose).
6. Dome shaped buildings are extremely strong and provide a safe and secure mounting location.
------because of the way an EconOdome kit is assembled and sealed, the VAWT can be securely bolted in place.
7. Economical, energy efficient, fire safe, & storm safe--dome homes--
------that produce their own power--make sense in our ever changing world.
For more information:
Phone our office at 1-217-728-2184 if calling from overseas or from a cell phone.
If you are calling from a landline phone, feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-366-3588
For answers in writing contact us via email at fazechange@one-eleven.net
You may also wish to contact Wil Fidroeff for lengthy consultation via Skype.
Wil's Skype name is wil.fidroeff .
On skype we can also share links, photos, and drawings to assist with your specific project.

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We can help with--planning--plans--permits--
--consultation concerning installation and purchase of wind power turbines
--construction of an affordable energy efficient dome home or workspace
Phone Toll Free 1-888-366-3588 from any landline phone within the USA
Phone 1-217-728-2184 from any cell phone or outside the USA
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